Take a Seat, Grab a Bite, and Bask in the French Food Experience (Paris, France)

Cheese, wine, escargot, crepes, Croque Monsieur, more cheese, more wine...you get the point...French cuisine is world renown! While I am no connoisseur, especially of French cuisine, I do have some recommendations. First, by no means should you ever find yourself in a Pizza Hut, McDonalds, or any other chain restaurant you can find in the US!!! For shame!!! Unless you’re getting some coffee and I will let Starbucks slide, once or twice.

Nonetheless here are some places to stop by while you’re in Paris:

  • Les Petit Crus for the perfect marriage of cheese and wine (don’t skip this one!)

  • La Marine for craft cocktails and tapas

  • Candelaria for Paris-style Spanish food and a “secret” speakeasy

  • Le Comptoir for croquettes and warmth on a cold day

  • Le Tres Particular for escargot and a more upscale dining experience

Lastly, I urge you to set aside your food reservations and be open minded. The French are very proud of their dining and food experience, and for heaven’s sake don’t eat a burger from TGI Fridays!!!

Au Revoir,

Global Greever

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