Top 3 Not-So-Obvious Travel Tips for Berlin (Berlin, Germany)

Wie gehts (vee gates) Berlin! Meaning, “What’s up Berlin!

4 days in Berlin and what a unique place. Surprisingly, Mrs. Global Greever fell in love with Berlin and this is one of her favorite places. She was astonished by the layers and layers of historic flashpoints that had occurred in Berlin.

When going to Berlin, know that it is a very big city so you’ll be on the go a lot in order to see this massive European gem. Also, know that Berlin is not Munich…meaning you’re not going to get that stereotypical German feeling here. Berlin has been bombed, divided, tattoed with graffiti, and put back together several times and it is proud to wear its unique scars for all to see.

3 Not-so-Obvious Berlin Tips

1. Take a bike tour - it’s a big city so you’ll see and learn a lot quickly. We used @fattiretours and they’re great!

2. It is not “stereotypical” Germany - so you won’t see thatch houses, Lederhosen, or hear a bunch of German polka. Berlin is more like a gritty up-and-coming city with a lot of history and personality.

3. It is a modern and more up and coming city with a lot of diversity. Which means a lot of languages spoken and a lot of great food selections. Numerous Eastern European and Middle Eastern influences.

Auf Wiedersehen,

Global Greever

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