Top 3 Not-So-Obvious Travel Tips for Beijing (Beijing, China)

3 Not-So-Obvious Beijing Travel Tips

1) Must have AliPay for $$$

2) Eat Baozi, and dumplings

3) Jingshan Park is a must see.

Beijing is an amazing place. Incredibly safe with super nice and welcoming people. If you don’t come prepared your first day or two can be rough as a lot of western norms aren’t available like Uber, Credit Cards, and Google Maps. A little preparation can go a long way.

English is not widely spoken, nor are there many signs that help - come prepared and you’ll have a great time. The Great Wall and the Forbidden City will gain a lot of attention, but my favorite place of all was Jingshan Park. You can get a panoramic view of the city where you can see the old city intersecting with the new.

When it comes to food…if you were like me and the Chinese food I was exposed to in the US, then I was not all that excited about the cuisine. However, silly me, US-Chinese food is a sad substitute. I fell in love with eating Bao and dumplings and still yearn for great Chinese food back in the US.

If you can bear the long flight and a little jet lag I highly recommend spending a week in Beijing.

Zaijian (goodbye)

-Global Greever

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