Top 3 Not-So Obvious Travel Tips to Explore Pura Vida (Pura Vida, Costa Rica)

3 Not-So-Obvious Tips

1. Cabs/Taxis are more of a referral business. Uber outside of the San Jose area is not very prevalent. Other cabs can charge high fees if you don’t agree on the fare ahead of time.

2. The roads are winding and narrow, but are in relatively good shape. If you get any sort of motion sickness be sure to bring some Dramamine or other preventative measures.

3. If the forecast says 90% chance of rain…there’s a 50/50 chance it won’t even rain. Rainy season is from June-October…but the real rainy season is only September-October. Every day for a week the forecast in early August said 90% chance of rain. It only rained 1 out of 7 days

We visited the west coast of Costa Rica near Los Suenos, which is about 20 minutes north of Jaco. There are not many, if any, all-inclusive resorts so be prepared to pay for all of your extras on your own. If you’re wanting pristine, white sand beaches I would recommend going further north on the peninsula and flying into the city of LIberia rather than using San Jose as your jump-off point.


-Global Greever

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