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Kansas City: Hello Old Friend (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)

Even though I’d spent years growing up north of Kansas City (in southwest Iowa) I had not ever spent any significant time exploring the city. A little while ago my wife and I took a trip back to the Midwest to visit my family and made time to explore this midwestern gem.

A couple must-do’s when in KC

1. Visit Union Station it’s a historic and massive train station that has now been repurposed into shops, restaurants, and an event space

2. World War I Memorial 🇺🇸not only do you get a sense of history but the views of the city are incredible

3. Negro Leagues Baseball Museum baseball+culture+history+perspective. An amazing showcase of the rich and incredible history of the Negro Leagues and iconic people involved.

4. Eat BBQ - there are countless KC BBQ places. Some highlights are Joe’s BBQ and Arthur Bryant’s. All have their own spin on KC BBQ.

Kansas City is truly a cultural hub of the Midwest. Due to its proclivity of rail systems and river access Kansas City was an early and mid-20th Century magnet for a lot of cultures because it provided opportunity for upward social mobility.

Ciao for now

-Global Greever

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