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Invest in Good Luggage: Don’t Get Slowed Down by Luggage that Can’t Keep Up

Not-So-Obvious Luggage Tips

1. Get a 4–WHEEL ROLLABLE suitcase with high quality RUBBER WHEELS. I cannot stress this enough! Don’t get stuck on rough pavement or cobblestone sidewalks with low-quality plastic wheels. I’ve used a Samsonite silhouette for 12 years and it’s worth it’s weight in gold!

2. Get a versatile backpack with multiple pockets that is comfortable to wear. Its amazing the things I can stuff in my backpack for long days out and about. I’ve used a Swissgear Airflow that fits my personal and business essentials with no problem for 5+ years.

3. Use a dedicated tech bag that can be packed inside another bag. Prevents you from forgetting chargers or earbuds and helps against cord tangles.

BONUS TIP - double-up on your chargers, personal hygiene, and other everyday use things and dedicate one set to travel only. That way you don’t have to constantly pack and unpack your toothbrush, tooth paste, phone charger and such. You can just grab the travel set and GO!

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