Bonjour Paris! Let us Count the Ways We Love You! (Paris, France)

Paris = Magic.

There are great cities and then there are incomparable, one-of-a-kind, must visit and immerse yourself to feel the energy cities. Paris is the latter!

Don’t believe the stereotype that Parisians and the French are snobby and don’t like Americans. I’ve spent more than 8 days on two different occasions in Paris and didn’t experience that at all. Now, if you dislike French culture and would be upset that most locals do not speak English, then you might not like Paris. The French, and Parisians are proud of their culture. Know that.

I don’t really need to write a post about all the things you should and can do in Paris, that is well documented. I will encourage you to not spend all of your time at the typical tourist locations. Spend a day, or at least an afternoon, to wander around off the beaten path a little. Pop into a real local patisserie or coffee shop (not Starbucks!) to soak in what the life of a Parisian is like.

Try escargot at dinner, nibble on a baguette with some cheese while relaxing in one of Paris’s many jardins (parks) and learn to say a few things in French, believe me that will go a long way in showing the locals you’re trying. Au revoir!

-Global Greever

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