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Bienvenido a Miami (Miami, Florida, USA)

Hola Miami!

Miami is a unique intersection of tourist vibes, commerce, Latin culture, beach life, and art deco swank. Even though it's no secret you can still capture a lot of value here.

1 Countless beachfront hotels create more chances to get an A+ spot for not too much money, if you time it right.

2 There’s way more than just South Beach. Like rooftop restaurants with cuisines from around the world, Art Deco architecture, the aquarium, zoo, museums, lots of sporting events (including Formula One!), and great Cuban food & culture…which leads me to…

3 Little Havana! Walk the streets of SW 8th street between 13th-17th Ave for an immersive experience…and have a mojito while you’re there.

You will get a lot of diversity in Miami. First, Miami is a hub for Latin and Caribbean culture. Second, Miami is attractive to those escaping the wintry cold from all sorts of places domestic and international. Third, as mentioned above, it is an intersection for those wanting a unique life that is a stone’s throw away from amazing beaches.

-Global Greever

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